Brock Betz

Lead Guitarist since 2011

Brock Betz
Since 2003 Brock has been honing his skills on the guitar. His story began in 1988 when he was born. With the drive to play music his parents knew they had to encourage his passion. Starting in third grade Brock picked up his first instrument which was the violin. He continued for a few years until he switch to learning drums at the age of 12. It was not until the summer of 2003 that he found his true friend in the guitar.

“I found my dad’s old Gibson SG hiding in the back of the closet. I knew instantly that I had to play it. I took apart some walkie talkies to turn into an amplifier. I just had to hear the sound of distortion.”

Later that week Brock’s dad went out and purchased him his first amp. Though his mother did not approve, she soon recognized that passion that Brock showed in playing the instrument and became a fan of every music endeavor. Though he did not start out with the drive he has today, after 2 year of tinkering on the guitar he knew it was time to get serious.

After high school he put together his first band with local musician and current drummer, Max Geliche. “I knew from the first time that I saw Brock play, that he had something different in him. He loved what music was and wanted to change people’s lives by sharing his music with the world,” says Max.

As the band started to play out he started to get a following as well as the notoriety as a shredder. In late 2013 he started to focus on the current direction of his music following in the footsteps as virtuosos such as Joe Satrini and Steve Vai.

“Personally, I want to thank everyone who has supported our music and continues to help us grow as a band.”

Adam Garside

Bassist since January 2022

The youngest member of the band, Adam Garside, grew up in the Milwaukee area, and always had a penchant for rock and metal music. Starting at first with artists like Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, and later followed heavier bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Moorhead, and Black Sabbath.

At age 16, inspired by legends like Cliff Burton, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, John Paul Jones, and Lemmy Killmister, he bought his first bass and amp. Over the years Adam taught himself everything he knows about bass, playing along with songs, especially Iron Maidens early albums, to develop better finger and speed techniques that make up his primary play style.

By 20 he was playing shows in the Kenosha and northern Illinois scene, waiting in the parking lots for
hours until his band was about to play due to being underage at most venues. However, it was all worth
it for fun and privilege of taking to the stage and spreading music wherever he could.

Over the years he has honed his skills on Bass in several different bands, never using a pick, and
frequently incorporating rare 3 finger techniques in his performances.

He first was introduced to the Brock Betz Band at another bands house party years ago, picking up an acoustic bass, tuning it, and starting a jam to George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone”. Now in 2022 he is happy performing and creating music with the Brock Betz Band, once again revolutionizing instrumental metal in the Midwest.

Max Geliche

Drummer since March 2015
Max Geliche

Max is a Multi-instrumentalist who has focused on drums for the past 5 years. Raised on Rock & Roll, he was born in 1989 and instantly became infatuated with music. “As a small child, he made music on anything that was possible to make noises. I knew from day one that he was meant to play music,” said Max’s mother.  Starting out with piano and moving on from there to try to learn and conquer any and all music challenges that stood in his way.

In the summer of 2007, Max switched from playing in traditional school bands to playing bass in a rock band. “We decided at a talent show that it couldn’t be that hard to sound that bad so we went out and just started playing.” In 2010 Max switched from playing bass guitar to sitting behind a drum set for the first time.

“From that point on I decided that I wanted to be a drummer. It gave me the challenge on showing dynamics, showing feeling and trying to be melodical on an instrument that is known to just generate noise.”

In early March of 2015, Max was asked to replace the drummer for the Brock Betz Band who had left for personal reasons.

” I am ecstatic to have the opportunity playing all the exceptional venues and being embraced by all the fans.”